Enough with the partying, ok. Let’s clean up and empty our backpacks…oh, man – theres a lot of paper. Our son’s backpack is so heavy – 7 classes, six notebooks, some 5-subject, mostly 3-subject and a few binders – I have to wonder why. I mean, what ever happened to the chalkboard kids used in school? 

They wrote their answer down, the teacher reviewed and they erased it. They carried lunch, chalk and their mini chalkboard to school. (They didn’t need the 40 pound work out or have to spend $100 in school supplies each year.)

The last day of classes, he turned to me and said, “Mom, did you make an appointment for me at the chiropractor?” Yea, that’s how bad it is to carry all that recyclable, temporary, throw away stuff each day. When a 13 year old asks to see the doctor for his back, you know there’s something wrong with this process.

Alright. I know. 

Chalkboards? “You’re kidding me, right Dawn?” 

I hear what you’re saying.

So maybe, there’s another solution? Hmmm, the modern day chalkboard, it is still “mini” and yes, it costs more than $100 but after 2 years, and saving on movie tickets (cause you can watch THEM on this mini) oh and email and internet searches…. I’d say, you’re even. No stress on their little bodies. (Let them run and climb trees and ride bikes to exercise their muscles and build up bone density.) No wasted paper, notebooks, pencils and paying $75 or much (much more) for a textbook for each subject.  We are not going backwards but I don’t feel as though we are moving forward quite fast enough.

Dawn aka Hat Girl


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