Who Do You Trust

When it comes down to your information, who do you trust?

Do they “like you like you… or just like you?”

Why do they?

Facebook – Associated apps ask you all the time if you want to sign up with a new account, or simply to allow Facebook to share your data with them. Do you agree because it is easier, or because of trust?

Instagram – Photos of the kids, your favorite restaurant and the long-awaited vacation spot…do you know everyone who is following you?

Snapchat – Even if you have your settings “private” who do you know and who do they know…?

LinkedIn – and the random person who you do not know who asked to connect – did they take the 15 seconds to write a personal note on how you are connected and why they want to be in your network?

The grocer or mass retailer who wants your loyalty and asks for your e-mail and phone number – is that your home number or your mobile?

Experion, TransUnion and Equifax? You certainly have to cross them off the list (or at least one of them anyway.)

It is becoming harder and harder to decide, but who do you trust with your life’s story, career, reputation – when you have a choice? The latter three on this list are not optional if you want to live in the world of banking, credit cards and home ownership through a mortgage. The rest, all of that, yes – is up to you. Simple affiliation does not guarantee a trusted relationship, and, you may not like making a choice, but you should make one anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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