When a Plan Comes Together

Sometimes it just takes a bit of time, but when a plan comes together, it is a marvelous thing.

I love loose plans, serendipitous moments. No anxiety. No stress. No high expectations that can be doused by the simplest change in an itinerary.

  • Last minute is great.
  • Wing it.
  • Go with the flow.

Not even a last minute wrench in the options – like a government shut down – can prevent you from being able to take advantage of a free night.

It is (sometimes) rare that a small group is willing to be together – you know that group – the one you call your family.

All the kids together on a Friday night and an idea of what to do in the city that just kept morphing into something bigger than the 5 of you.

I am not worried. It wasn’t some long-drawn out scheme. If, and when, a plan comes together – especially at the last minute – you can just sit back and smile and know that you did something right.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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