Jumping the Line

It’s only the second day of January. People are already jumping the line as they are dropping off their kids and grabbing that last prime parking spot at the train station.

Did we already lose our patience?

If you are the kind of person who doesn’t stay in line, an “it’s all about me, forget the rest of you” kind of person, what does that say about you?

Do you just do what you have to do regardless of the reason.

  • Maybe it is because to make up for hitting snooze one or two (or four times) too many.
  • Maybe it is rushing out of fear that the boss will be angry.
  • Maybe it is missing the train, that last express train, and/or not wanting to sit in the middle of the 3-person seat.
  • Maybe it is just being self-centered jerks who don’t think that their kid might get hit walking in between the zombie line of auto-bots dropping off in the car line…
  • Maybe it’s just the way they are, and they take advantage of any break they see as an opportunity to get ahead.

There are a variety of reasons, any of them might be possible – or all of them.

Today was a rough day back…and patience, sleeping late, fear or self-absorption may be the reason…or, it is just an overall lack of sleep, over-indulgence in cookies, carbs and cocktails for the last two weeks and getting back on the wagon.


Or, just the reality that there are people who are generally single-minded. If this was the reason, then maybe they are the kind of people who do it consistently; the kind of people who are always going to get ahead – no matter the cost.

  • In traffic.
  • In business.
  • In relationships.
  • In life.

If that is the case, then they are who they are and being frustrated with them isn’t going to do anything…so, just let them go along and live their careless life.

As long as they are not just being frivolously cavalier, trying for once to be the one to get ahead by jumping the line, only to figure out that they wasted their one shot at it by risking their own kid getting hit on the way to school. As for me, that’s one risk I’m not willing to take. I think I’ll save mine for another better opportunity to get ahead.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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