Acting Is Hard

Some people think that acting is hard…and it is; it is especially difficult for those who can’t let go, embrace another personality and pretend to be who they are not.

Tonight was opening night for our 8th (for this young actor the 6th) year at Summer Stock. I’ve lost track of the number of shows, the number of performances, the number of tickets bought, booster ads sold (and purchased), minutes of sitting in the car, waiting for rehearsal to be done or for the show night to come to a close.

It never gets old.

It is always more exciting.

We are happy to watch, gasp, ooh and ahhh – and clap until our hands hurt.

We even learned something new tonight, too.

Tonight we also found out that while acting is hard, sitting for hours at a time, not moving an inch, is harder to do. Especially when you then have to get up, dance, sing and also, well, act. Well done young actors, may you always love to put on the smile and shine for an audience – even if not on stage – this will serve you well for years to come.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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