What If…

We can always wonder what if…

  • we took a different path to education?
  • we did or didn’t get that scholarship?
  • we made a decision that was more (or less) risky than the one made?
  • we showed up to work on a fateful day?
  • we were not selected to represent a group, association or company?
  • we didn’t take the job?
  • we applied for and got a different job?
  • we were early that one time we were late and locked out of the meeting?
  • we were selected to travel to another country as a teen, or college student (and we went)?
  • we made friends with other people and didn’t get to know the ones you have now?
  • we had or didn’t have children?
  • we moved to a new city for a friend or family member?
  • we chose to live somewhere else for our first few years?

You can ask yourself, what if… over and over again, but you cannot change history. Instead you have to move forward and go forth with what your plans, goals and interests are now.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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