What Came First

An age old question…what came first?  There are other, far more relevant ways to end that question today than “the chicken or the egg” such as…

  • The angst or the teenager?
  • The peer pressure or the conformity?
  • The stress or the over-indulging?
  • The need to wash dishes or setting the table for dinner?
  • The sunburn or the dehydration?
  • The clutter or the stuff?
  • The scarcity or the demand?
  • The teen rebellion or the nagging?
  • The emotional outburst or the simple request?
  • The anger or the sulk?
  • The ruffled feathers or the ruffled feathers?

The ability to determine what came first probably has more to do with science, or really thinking about how to create one side or the other of this equation. Parents will always cause stress for their children, just as children will always cause stress for their parents. There is a yin-yang of balance in this that is so simple, yet so very, very complex.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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