A Bear’s Gotta Eat

You probably haven’t thought about this, but you probably would agree if you thought about it – a bear’s gotta eat

Today I walked into the cafe, which was full, including a full, grown bear sitting at the counter. He offered to make room and move over, but I was meeting someone else.

The thing is that I was hungry, I was facing the opposite direction, I hadn’t seen my friend in a while and we sat and chatted happily through the entire lunch – which is to say, I forgot about the bear.

When we got up to leave, he was still there. I wanted to know if he ever got served his lunch – I mean I was there well after he was – I would be worried if he hadn’t eaten yet.

You know, a bear’s gotta eat sometimes – I mean they don’t hibernate all year long and it’s been a looonnng winter. Plus, if you live in the suburbs, where it is likely that bears are hanging out in your backyard – you would probably rather have them eat at the cafe then to root through your picnic basket looking for goodies to sustain themselves all winter long.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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