We Want To See

In the life we live, the things that we want to see vary from person to person. Besides our hopes, dreams and our goals…what else is there?

Of course – it is movies, television shows, plays, concerts and comedy shows.

Well, ok. There’s more. But, the stories that engage us, make us think and make us dream while they keep us laughing and learning are really important.

As a child of the sixties…the 1960s (ok, just barely) I have been in search of the answers to the mystery of who shot JFK. I was not born when he was president, I didn’t mourn, I wouldn’t have even if I could have, I would have been far too young.

You all know  there is a lot of information and speculation Рbut what really happened. How did the world change once he was assassinated. What would today be like had he lived out his term?

And…how did Jackie make it through that tragic event and keep going for years after Jack died? Maybe that is an even more modern day burning question for me. How can you survive a loss like that in your life? In the public eye, with the father of your children taken from you right next to you with all the protection he had in the world – it still happened. And she went on.

So, yes. After all the hoopla and the frenzy of what happened and how it happened the other night is relatively meaningless. The envelope mix up was/is really inconsequential to the real stories and the real life that happens around us.

I’d like to see more of the Academy Award nominated movies. I am not sure how I missed some of them. Maybe life was happening around me and we were making our own stories. However, now there is a list of the movies that we want to see and yes, Jackie is one of them.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Movie Poster photo credit goes to IMDB and whomever provided it to them.

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