It Wasn’t His Fault

In the clear light of day, combined with the replay of last night’s Oscar whoopsie, we can only guess what happened. However, Warren Beatty should feel confident with the knowledge that it wasn’t his fault.

There was a moment when you had to wonder – what the heck is going on with this? It was the end, the finale, it was late – not overly late…but still late -even though they’re better at the musical wrap up. “Finish your thoughts please…” Ta da DA DUMMMMMM

The famous Bonnie and Clyde actor wasn’t even the one who said the wrong thing…it was Faye who read the wrong card.

Those poor LaLa Land directors, cast and crew – all on stage to receive what they thought they’d earned.  Even though I didn’t think it was Oscar winning Best Picture – not that I picked another winner from the line up – it’s just that no one deserves that kind of snafu. 

And he handled it quite graciously.

Certainly someone made a mistake. A once in 88 years mistake.  

However, I’m not sure I believe that they (the PwC Accountant/Auditors) were the worst of the nights performances. 

Jimmy Kimmel, roasting Matt Damon. What was up with that?

Did it have to go on and on? 




My opinion is that he was the one on whom to place more blame. He was not funny. He pushed it, just a few jokes too far. No one can say it wasn’t his fault…he could have done better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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