We Are Human

We are human and that means, inherently, that we have flaws and we want things that we don’t like to admit that we want. However, we do these things anyway.

  • We crave and eat food that is not healthy.
  • We watch movies that are bad; they are so bad that people felt bad and gave them a rating of 5.8 out of 10 when they really deserved a 4.2.
  • We laugh at jokes that make us cringe, even as we laugh through the punchline.
  • We accept or take second helpings when we have had more than we need.
  • We do things that we know stress us out.
  • We procrastinate.
  • We agree to do more than we can possibly fit into a normal day, week or month.
  • We spend money on stupid things.
  • We say things that we regret because we don’t think first or listen carefully.
  • We see and interpret things the way we perceive them, perhaps instead of the way they are.

We are biased and opinionated and naive and weak.

We have to do the things that make us feel…human

  • Things that hurt.
  • Things that make us cry.
  • Things that challenge us.
  • Things that make us happy.
  • Things that create love.

We have to do the things that make as feel as though we are human. Things that make us celebrate, because being human means that we can live life together, with other humans.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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