Wanted to Like It

Now, before the show starts. I just want to say. I wanted to like it.

But I didn’t. Not really. Well, maybe a few small parts of it.

LA is crazy. We know this.

They live in an entirely different world.

The sun, sun, sun and 72 degrees every day must get to them.

I really did try. So did my husband. We even made the kids watch it. We have a strict 15 minute trial period before they can walk out and give up.

La La Land was a hopeful. But I don’t think this movie quite made it there.

I even think they are a good pair, the new “Hepburn and Tracy”. They did so well together in Crazy Stupid Love, a movie that we can watch, pretty much at any time. Which is really good, because it is one of just 3 movies I have on my iPad to watch when I travel.

So sorry Emma and Ryan. This one fell short. I really wanted to like it. If it wins best picture tonight then we will really know that they live in another world.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Find this Movie and the Image on IMDB

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