Walk It Off

Recommended solution to a number of issues…walk it off.

When you have sore muscles…take a day off from other workouts and take a walk.

The movement is helpful, gets the toxins out, the lactic acid build up moves through and you keep the body warm, active and well, moving.

If someone pisses you off…don’t get mad, or try to get even. Take a breath, take a moment, take a lap.

When you eat more than would be recommended, all due to a milestone accomplishment totally worth celebrating, you should also keep moving. A lot. More than normal. While you may not be able to burn 2000 calories in a few thousand “steps” or a mile or so, it will definitely be better than laying low on the couch and binge watching a few episodes of mindless, streaming entertainment.

Take care of yourself. Don’t let “stuff” get to you. Do your best to manage the mental by being physical and just walk it off.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS Disclaimer: I am not a doctor. So, don’t take my word for it…ask your physical therapist or your personal trainer. They can tell you.

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