Oh, That Hurts

Oh, that hurts… But it does hurt in a good way.

Not the way the last two years have felt anyway.

It has been two plus years without participating in regular yoga classes… The last class I had enrolled in was converted to virtual and pretty much came to an end around May 2020. Even though the mind, body and soul really (really) needed yoga – the calm down, quiet time, with gentle stretching of tired muscles – there really didn’t seem to be the time.

Everything was so busy, so crazy.

We weren’t sure what we were able to do, allowed to do, or even welcome to do.

It was not even two years ago that we were wondering, is it okay to see your family? Your friends? Your hairdresser, doctor or colleagues?

When we did (finally) it had to be outside and far away from the others.

Now despite the seemingly never-ending uncertainty, we do gather. We hug. We laugh. We deep breathe and sometimes we cough.

It is part of the process.

We do stretch. We do take the time.

We know now, even better than before, that life is too short.

We have to remember this.

In addition, you have to remember that if you take two years off from yoga (even if you supplemented it with cardio because you had to do something extra to make up for the lack of guidance from your favorite Yogi), that first workout is gonna be rough. You will say it over (and over) again tomorrow…oh, that hurts, too. When that happens, we just have to remind ourselves, and continue to repeat. “Yoga is a practice.” And, while the mind may remember, the body needs some gentle reminding, along with a little bit of time to get back into balance, again. Finally. (Hopefully.)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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