Twinkle Lights Make Everything Better

Twinkle lights make everything better, even the weakest, scrawniest evergreen tree, of them all. So, pick your best, but you can take any of them and turn it into a beautiful Christmas tree. 

It just takes:

  • a little Christmas spirit,
  • dedication to your craft,
  • a few family members,
  • time to carefully place each ornament, and, 
  • a wish for just one special moment.

A bit more than that maybe…

Days and hours of preparation, shopping, wrapping, planning and maybe an extension cord or two. Throw in a few dozen freshly baked cookies, some candy canes, a glass of holiday spirits, and you’re almost there.

For each and every holiday, from Halloween to Valentine’s Day (already displayed in stores)… But especially Christmas…twinkle lights make everything better. There is not a holiday around when it wouldn’t be more fabulous…just look at the smiles, the wide eyes and know that dreams do come true.  So, think about leaving them up all year long – I assure you people all around will smile and know that you have more than enough holiday spirit to go around! Merry Christmas everyone!!

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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