12 Days of Christmas

The 12 Days of Christmas start now. Today. On Christmas Day…

Legend has it that today The Child was born and people around the world rejoiced – not because it was Christmas, not because they had an evergreen tree all twinkle-lighted up in their living room and not because they got a box of socks (12 new pairs for the new year) – it was something oh, so much better.

It was hope and love and joy.

It took time back then to travel along the desert for those wise men, the most respected people of their time. It took them almost two weeks to find this new born Babe, the one who was born in a stable and sleeping – probably in his Mother’s arms rather than in a manger.

They arrived, tired and yet excited. Again, not for socks – they might have had on sandals, they might have been wearing boots – but socks, I doubt it very much.

They were excited for what this meant to the world.

When they arrived, no one gave them gifts. Well, maybe something to eat and some fresh water, or wine, or whatever they might have had that was appropriate for the time. Instead, they gave the Baby gifts – in anticipation of everything that He would give to them and the rest of the world for centuries to come.

We may not be the most religious of all, but we have more than the next 12 Days of Christmas to celebrate each other – the gifts we have given – the gifts we have received; our children, our health and our love. Merry Christmas everyone. May you be able to stay home, or at least close to home. May you not wander the desert for the next 12 days. May you enjoy little Christmas on January 6th, 2019…because, there is always something to look forward to these days, not just the cool new socks.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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