Still Unfinished

Lucky for many, who are still unfinished with their holiday plans, prep and primping – there is still one more day…to make Christmas memories the best ever.

I gently pushed the kids to shop tonight, rather than tomorrow. I was not sure what they planned to get, but they diligently went off. They know their dad’s favorites and I did receive some minor clarifying texts – which made me feel proud of them. Nothing crazy, all totally usable and not only wanted, but needed items made their list. Plus, they did it all on their own – I didn’t have to drive them, or give them money…well, maybe just a little. (They’re still growing, learning and not quite earning…)

Totally worth it though because, without thinking of the extra added benefit of all 3 children out of the house during daylight hours – it gave me some much needed time alone! I was able to wrap, find hidden items purchased months ago, and then, wrap some more – only to realize (not so shocking) that I too am not done with my shopping.

It is just one more thing, and it is hopefully an easy, quick acquisition…and then, I can finish what I need to do, at home, so I can cuddle up with my husband on the couch and watch them open their Christmas jammies.

I know it is a silly tradition, one someone suggested years ago and it has stuck. The only thing we don’t do, is a group portrait…maybe that is a new tradition we need to add…because making new memories for our family is still very much, unfinished business.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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