Twinkle Lights and Dreams

As we close in on the last couple of days before Christmas, we start our annual tradition of decorating the tree. Up until now, it has been just fresh evergreen and aromatic; now it is filled with twinkle lights and dreams of what Christmas morning will bring.

Traditions may or may not stem from reality…like time to do things, or money to buy what is needed and wanted. But, this is us, every year, waiting until the last few moments to bring it all together.

As I have traveled around this month, I have talked with people who were done with shopping by Thanksgiving, others who were done wrapping by then, too!  Still, there are those who waited until the Black Friday sales and Cyber Monday (Tuesday, Wednesday…) to get the best deals.  Others have yet to start and while they say it with this wistful little smile, they are not actually frantic Christmas Eve shoppers. They are truly calm and thoughtful, knowing that the jeweler will still have some beautiful bauble to buy for their true love.

All I can think is that they all have their preferences for what makes the holiday best, and most memorable. Every single one of them is right and perfect.

To me, it could be the simplest tree, just covered in a scattering of ribbon, memories from Christmas’ past along with the fairy-like twinkle lights and dreams of being together, relaxed – ready to share joy, peace and happiness.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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