Holidays and Hand Grenades

For some reason, it happens all the time…just when it looks like it is time to relax, we are closing in on the holidays, and hand grenades start flying. I know people don’t mean to do it. But they do. We all do.

I know that I don’t mean to do it, yet I do. Just one more thing I’d like to get done and oh, can you (associate, friend, family member) help me do it?

Clients do it. Just when you think you have everything done, wrapped up with a nice little bow – boom! One more request comes in that has to get done before, well, like yesterday.

Your boss certainly passes them down the line, like hot potatoes, they don’t to be stuck holding one and get burned, (or injured as for some reason, the new Star Trek Fan Fiction show Orville, with Seth McFarlane, comes to mind.  You can watch the clip if you want, but they were just playing a game and it had nothing to do with the holidays.)

I digress.

Back to me.

This morning, my husband, got his first dose of my stress of the holidays and hand grenades which he didn’t need to catch…yet, he did. He always does and when he catches mine, he routinely, and expertly diffuses them. Calmly. Quietly. Quickly. Just like a real professional. Just like he does when he finds the tree lights rolled up in a tangled ball.  My love and thanks to him and thanks to all of you out there who keep the rest of us sane and who don’t just pass it along like a hot potato. You are our heros.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

PS The Amazon guy had his moment, but now that is over.

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