Route By Restaurants

It’s time to travel for the holidays, family friends and everywhere in between…planning is everything. So, do you route by restaurants, bridges or non-toll roads?

In our family, you can take the road less traveled, but only if you plan ahead and have time to linger over hash browns and biscuits. We can take the most efficient path and the shortest trip and turn it into a journey… 5 hours becomming 7 or 8 even, a half hour becoming an easy 100 minutes, what with waiting for a table for 5 and all.

It’s totally fine. I mean, we like to eat, and we can take a break, but just have to know where our favorites are along the way, way ahead of time. 

Today, the kids put in their requests so we can set the plan. Yes, we definitely route by restaurants and today I figured out that our favorites spots now have this feature right there on their website. No wonder it takes us so long…apparently we aren’t the only ones who do this. Maybe we’d better just pack snacks and wing it when we get there. I’m pretty sure they’ll have food, too.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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