Trendy and Classic

I am in the process of picking out finishes for a renovation in a bathroom and a kitchen.  Shopping a lot online and there are many ways to sort and filter the finishes, the equipment and the accessories. One of the filters gave me options like Modern, Contemporary, Trendy and Classic, not just by price or customer ratings.

While I am not sure what exactly the difference between Modern and Contemporary are, I decided that they wouldn’t work for this venue or the people who will be living there.  This is for our parents, and we need to make it simple, clean and easy – but new and shiny, too.

Renovations for us only happen every once in a blue moon, as in years and years in between – not quite as long as the Strawberry moon – that won’t be back for another 42 years. So, I’m sure I can’t risk going Trendy and Classic is always a good choice.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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