Once you develop, create and release something, it hopefully is adopted, into everyday use. How long should it be, then, before it needs to be refurbished or remastered?

Is 1 year long enough, or maybe 10, 20 – perhaps 40 years have to pass by…Depending on the interest of the users, the consumers or the fans…

Especially those who have the funding, the knowledge and the technology – or just those who like campy or sci-fi, 1960s shows. 

Shows like Batman, or better yet, Star Trek, were cutting edge and advanced for their time.  They adopted techniques and showcased life, way ahead of societal norms…giving power to those who didn’t have apparent power.

Of course, the development of technology will impact how well or how expertly something valuable can be remastered and that still doesn’t mean that today’s generation will be able to appreciate it, one little bit.
~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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