Totally Forgotten

Just when you think you have totally forgotten everything, you realize that you did plan ahead – or still have time.

Like the request for someone to do you a favor, which you asked them to do 5 weeks ago – and they still remember and are ready to do it.

Not like those things that are nagging little things, deep in your subconscious. Definitely not like the things that keep rising to the top of the news these days.

Instead, I dreamt last night that I had forgotten to do something that won’t actually be needed until 3 months from now. A silly thing, a gift that I usually send, innocent, fun and just because. I have plenty of time and I will probably just check it off my list now I that I am thinking about it.

I also had a dream that something that could happen at any moment, had actually happened. (It hadn’t.) For this, we will wait, no need to replace something that will break – can easily be purchased, installed – and repaired.

Good or bad, I dream vividly and these ideas woke me up.

There probably is something related and on my mind, in the way, way – way back in the “transom of my mind”… but, even though after I awoke; consciously knowing that they were not about something important, they could not be totally forgotten to let me go back to sleep. Now, at the end of the day, I will forget about them and go to sleep – and plan to have better dreams tonight.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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