Remember Back When

It is hard for some of us to recall, but remember back when you could not do something, or didn’t realize the importance of being able to do it either?

  • Parallel parking. It takes time. Let’s not beep at them.
  • Same could be said about waiting for the light to change to green…it’s out of our control – why, oh, why do we have to beep the millisecond that the light changes?
  • Making an omelet that doesn’t stick to the pan. Say thank you, eat it and enjoy – pretty sure that it tastes the same.
  • Waiting for them to mentally count out the charge of $12.26 when someone pays $23.01 to get a ten and quarters for the meter.
  • Getting up and ready on time. It was hard to brush long hair, pull on super tight stockings and make the toes fit right where they belong – or, to tie a tie so that it sits straight and perfect, in a nice little bow.
  • Waiting your turn…to do something fun, like have a birthday, open presents on Christmas morning, or even something apparently as simple as waiting for food to arrive in a restaurant – without flipping out and melting down.

Some of these things are still really hard…for people of all ages. They must be, because there are few who can offer patience and remember back when they were not perfect, always able to conjure up the right answer or to solve the problem on the first try. Being patient has little to do with being older, however, so maybe it is just something that we all have to remember to do.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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