Top Ten

Today, I sat in a marketing seminar that sounded awfully familiar to me…maybe it was not to everyone in the room. I am guessing, however, that even if you are not a marketing guru these top ten phrases will probably be old news.

  1. High quality
  2. Convenient
  3. Great customer service
  4. Best in class
  5. Limited time offer
  6. Special of the day
  7. Available now
  8. Act now
  9. Buy one get one (free)
  10. Environmentally friendly

I am not saying this is the only list of marketing clich├ęs ever used. All. The. Time.   

It’s hard work to stay off the top ten list. It tasks your mental and creative capacity. Every day, you have to keep thinking and make sure that your clients represent themselves in a way that is unique, engaging and differentiating.  Making the client the one to choose. Even though it’s not easy, it’s energizing to be able to help an owner, a founder, and a brand-team share what it is that makes them special – not just one of ten, or even 10%, but the only one.
~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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