Too Young or Too Old

Back to the fringes…but this time, to muse about the ones who are too young or too old.

  • Too young to feed themselves…sadly, sometimes too old to do the same.
  • Too young to have a filter; kids they say the darnedest things (just ask any preschool or elementary teacher;) too old for grandma in the nursing home to not say exactly what’s on her mind.

(Okay, let me be honest, anyone over the age of 40 fits in here, too probably because they’ve “been there and done that” and they aren’t going to hold back from what they really think. Just ask them.)

  • Too young to have the experience at 16 (17 based on your state regs) to drive like a pro, they need a bit more practice; too old to know when to stop in the parking spot (those bumper posts that have been appearing at the handicapped spaces are not lost on me.)
  • Too young to stay home alone; too old to stay home alone.

We are just in the middle of all of this, pulled in two directions and yet, there’s so much more emotional distress on one side of this part of…life.

Yes, we are too young or too old for this…and yet, we are exact the age that it happens. Hang on, hold hands, and hang in there.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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