Their Best Movie Role

It is really fun to listen to kids talk about actors in their best movie role.

  • Tom Cruise in Knight and Day. (“Maybe not “the” best movie, but his best role.”)
  • Zendaya in The Greatest Showman. (“She did her own stunts.”)
  • Michael Keaton in The Founder. (“He was quite convincing.”)
  • Zac Efron in High School Musical. (“Even though he didn’t sing.”)
  • Julie Andrews in The Princess Diaries. (“She was the queen and yet, she still let her grand daughter decide what was best for herself…”)

The years go by and actors take on new roles, in new movies, seen by new generations in an entirely new light. They are still quite impressive, just maybe not the best…or, maybe it is just nostalgia for us.

Still, we both like them even if for different reasons, and we can agree that their best movie role may be based on the perspective of the viewer or at least where we were when we first saw them act.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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