Too Busy

Are you really too busy to pick up the phone when a customer calls, or to pick up but then put them on hold indefinitely? If you have an established brand, an established location and a great product or service – that is amazing. But, be sure to serve the customers when they call.

It is nearly – almost here already – the busiest selling season for retailers, restaurants and service providers. It is not too late to get extra help, to put in the extra hours and to be there and ready when your customers call!

Twice in the last few days I have called places only to be put on hold…and never to hear from them again. Sure, I love your on hold music – but I really love your soup and I do appreciate your normally lightning fast internet service, too. Can I give someone my order for “One quart of Chicken Noodle soup, please” or tell them “No, my internet is still not working very well and when will you be able to fix it?”

There are too many companies out there being formed, every single day, on the basis that they can do it better, faster, cheaper and I am certain that they want to talk to me and anyone else who is not being answered because you are too busy (even if it is just for the moment…)

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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