Tip of the Iceberg

No kidding that old statement of something being the tip of the iceberg.

When there are layers and layers of things to uncover, doors to open, drawers to empty, along with years of memories to unpack – it takes a while. More than you might have time for in one short season, certainly more than you can do – even spending every weekend for the last few months.


You have to go on vacation.

You have to make time for family.

You have to do what it takes.

Be there to watch them smile, to have them learn something new, to go on stage and sing their heart out, to perform and do their very best. Don’t worry about the stuff in the boxes, that will be there for another day.

One thing is all it takes to make your heart more full … it is family and that is just the tip of the iceberg.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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