More In Common

Sometimes, the years go by, and you seem to drift apart – or just don’t spend as much time together as you once did…but, when you come together again you find you have more in common than you did before.

It isn’t the upbringing – because it was different.

It isn’t growing up in the same house – because that wasn’t the case.

It isn’t being from the same town – because you are not even from the same state.

It isn’t even from being friends since you were teens – because FaceTime and video conferencing wasn’t a thing.

It isn’t the common ground of politics, sex, age…because you are still all over the place there.

It turns out that often, when you least expect it, you find you have more in common, quite by accident, but it is still none-the-less a very welcome and fun coincidence.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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