Tick, Tick, Tick

It’s getting closer. Tick, Tick, Tick.

The new season of The Tick.


Just kidding.

(Although… a sucker I am for those off-beat comics turned into cartoons.)

First day of school is upon us.

We will long for the lazy days of summer. Leaf filled trees, climbing to the top, shouting for no reason. Running around with friends. Sleeping in. Taking the day to go to the beach. Seeing family and lingering over lunch.

It was a great, long, drawn out summer.

However, with a week cut short, there is not much more time until the morning alarm. Pack the bags, put on the new shoes, brush the newly trimmed hair.

Make lunch. Eat breakfast. Rush, because we probably will have under-estimated our time.

The AM bell rings, the minute hand is slowly moving, tick, tick, tick – but honestly, the clock doesn’t even need to do that anymore – I think the one at school does that just to bug kids who are bothered by the pressure of time… and, of course, being stuck indoors.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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