Water Is So Nice

Being on the water is so nice, when calm seas and clear views are a part of the experience.

Of course, the weather is completely unpredictable and for all of our advances in science, technology and even weather forecasting – we still can’t predict it accurately let alone control it.

If life were a cartoon and the good could prevail over evil, there would be a brilliant scientist who could make the hurricanes, the tsunamis and the tidal waves cease impacting lives.  One small effort – or even a major costly effort – would cause them to fade out and dissipate into nothingness, without causing destruction, flooding and taking life, livelihood and hope.

Leaving instead, just the right amount of rain and hydration to sustain life.

Earth is in control of what it wants to do and we have no say in the matter. We must however, appreciate that water is part of our world and when it is predictable, clean, and safe – well, then water is so nice to us. Thinking of everyone impacted by Harvey, when Sandy was just so recently in our realm…it will take time – a lot of time and even then, there is never enough time to prepare for the next one.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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