Change Overnight

Unlike caterpillars into butterflies, we don’t change overnight.

  • We still have fears.
  • We still look the same, the hair may be a little bit longer, but only imperceptively.
  • We are probably not any taller….
  • We have the same IQ – that never changes.
  • We roll over the same way – out of habit.
  • We reach for something with the same hand as we always have.
  • We have tells…favorite foods, hobbies and books we prefer to read.

If we want to change, we have to do it slowly, over time and be actively aware of the effort needed to achieve the results we want.

To a non-observant onlooker, oh my – how you have changed!

Where we are today is certainly not where we will be in 9 months, from start of the school year to the next – from the beginning of a project to the end – or from the end of the summer to the beginning of it, nearly a year from now.

You can replace “school” with:

  • new Job
  • new client
  • new project
  • joining a committee
  • becoming part of a club of divergent people
  • participating in a fundraiser to help others in need
  • a life-changing experience with you or your family

While adults take longer to change, things can happen overnight…

If we wanted to really change overnight, then we would have to be magicians. Or, perhaps, we would have to stay up for hours and maybe act like one of those people running away from their past in a movie. Cut your hair, dye it blond, slouch, get a whole new wardrobe, add a hat or a hoodie, some heavy eyeliner, gain 15 pounds (or lose them) and voila!  It is possible for it to take forever, but appear as though it just happened.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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