This Isn’t The Store You’re Looking For

I walked in the door today and thought…Dawn, this isn’t the store you’re looking for. Oops. Sorry, I just jumped right into it. Let me explain.

Last night, as my husband and I were reviewing the successes of the week, an e-mail came into the bin…just like soooo many others this week and last, and the month prior. In spite of it’s kind of “dime-a-dozen” promotions, it did it’s job, suggesting fan-favorite Star Wars gifts.

Yes, it hit dead center in the bullseye. Well done Target. Well, done.

Or, so I thought.

As I succumbed to the impulse of a final (hopefully) incredible gift for one of the kids, (okay, our son…not to be sexist, but he and my husband are the BIG fans) I had to check it out. After reading the reviews and watching the YouTube video of just how damn cool this RC toy was, I went one step further. At this point, we have to do ourselves a favor and see if it was selling for less, anywhere else, right? (It was the right thing to do.)

Alas, the price was much (much higher) at my favorite big box store, the one who gave me the idea in the first place, and it was in-stock at Walmart.

Do I dare, I thought? What’s the big deal? It’s only one little thing and it is literally 25% less. I closed my eyes, added to the cart and hit “buy – pick up in store”. (Just to be sure it doesn’t get cancelled like some of the other gifts have been so far this season.)

I jetted in today, just need 5 minutes. Zip in, zip out. Pick up at Customer Srevice, right? Um, no. It is in the far, far away back end of the store, past the clothes, past the baby section, past the shoes…past a million other things I didn’t want nor needed to buy.

I knew it. I did. But I had succumbed to the savings anyway…and kicked myself thinking¬† Dawn…this isn’t the store you’re looking for as I trudged to the back, waited in line and suffered for 20 minutes. Sigh. Maybe I will (someday) learn.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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