This may seem like it was inspired by something else I read recently, but I assure you, it wasn’t. And no, I am not one of those career fibbers who will say anything to get you to participate, to buy, to commit.

Probably, I am the other side of that…I tell too much truth. 

Ever ask a sales guy how long it will take to get there as you are deciding whether or not to go somewhere? “It’s just a few miles up the road…” And an hour later you arrive…

Ever tell them at the cell phone counter you don’t have time today… But you’ll be back? “Well, do you have just 5 minutes? If so, we can look up the info and that will get you a head start tomorrow…” And 20 minutes later you are now running late and stuck in traffic that you wouldn’t have hit…

I am not calling ALL sales people fibbers. I am not sure I even think that the word is hugely negative, but, it certainly isn’t an overly positive one. The problem is that you are probably a participant in this activity. Do you believe what you want to believe? I am pretty sure that I do…and much of that belief is that people are generally honest, straightforward and happy to help in any way that they can. But, that’s just me, make your own decisions…

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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