This Is You

Marketing in general tries to say “this is you” and if what comes next, before or is shown – resonates with you – well then, you have already bought into it.

  • E-mail messages that are geared just to you.
  • Promotional offers that are what you  were already seeking online earlier today or over the weekend.
  • Stories they tell of similar people and their situations – as if they know you and what has happened recently.
  • Life as we know it (or you know it) and how it can or will change.

It is as if there is an all knowing giant, looking over our shoulder and saying this will work. So will this. That other thing will, too.

It really is not controlling you and the things you think. It is just following you and regurgitating you back – to you.

It isn’t as if you are not an individual, just another face in the crowd. Hurrying along, trying to get somewhere, anywhere, in a rush. You know who you are and you know what you want. It just has gotten to know you…really, really know you.

This is you, before our product helps you, feel better, live healthier, love more, understand your children, parents and loved ones…If only the one size fits all were true and then, we could all be perfect and only one company out there would need to be our universal solution – until then while we love Amazon – we still need lots of other options.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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