Theoretically Hitting the Pause Button

Have you ever seen a TV show or a movie where they (the doctors and medical professionals) stop a patient’s heart so that it can slow down? It is theoretically hitting the pause button.


It doesn’t actually stop the heart, forever.

Hopefully, anyway.

It is just a moment, taking a pass on the next heartbeat and then, finding the normal rhythm again.

Of course, it always works on those shows. It never fails them.

If real life was actually like that and we could actually, not theoretically, take a moment to reset, it would be lovely.

  • Walk away from the computer.
  • Turn off the phone. (Or, put it down…)
  • Take off your smart watch, or run the 1 minute breathe ap.
  • Close your eyes and take a minute to just breathe.
  • Ask for some help.
  • Call in a lifeline.
  • Stretch.
  • Sigh.

Of course, the heart is not something to be taken lightly and neither is life itself. Theoretically hitting the pause button might work. Let yourself to take a break, even after a long, drawn out holiday. Then, restart, refreshed and ready to attack the world, taking on life again with a new, fresh perspective. You don’t have to go to drastic measures and please, don’t take medical advice from television (or from my blog) but try to make time to live, better.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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