Time To Say Goodbye

This isn’t supposed to be a sad, sappy post… but, it is time to say goodbye to our Christmas decor. It’s been a fun time with all of the reds and greens and glitter (so much glitter) and garland… But, it’s over. For now.

Earlier this week, just as we do every year, we start to take everything related to Christmas, Santa and the Nativity – as well as the pine trees, the winter garlands, and the woodland creatures – and we put it all away.

I could take a bet, if I wanted, not “if” we forgot something, because I am sure that we did – but, how long it will be before we find it.

How much time will it take before we find one lingering decoration?

Maybe it will be a picture frame, or an ornament that fell off the tree, or – oh! This definitely happens every year; one of those stuffed snowballs. You know, the ones from Hallmark that come in a “Snow Ball Fight” bucket?

We have one for each kid and yet, adults love them, too.

They tend to fall into the indoor holiday entropy dilemma.

The dilemma of when it is time to say goodbye to the holidays. We know we have to do it. We always want it to be as fresh and fun and “new again” for next year. Plus, we don’t even have to wait more than a few days looking clean and neat before we can decorate for Valentine’s Day. After all, who doesn’t need a little reminder of the love they have in their life? For that… we always have plenty of time.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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