Their Style, Not Yours

Gift giving is really, really easy when you know the person well.  Giving something that will match their style, not yours is the problem when you don’t know them at all.

Some of the more structured parties have registries, from bridal and wedding to babies. Thanks for the tips…Problem solved.

Follow their list, give what you can and you are sure to be a hit. Go off the list for your favorite item – you know, the one that you couldn’t have done without; it may be a bonus – or a waste of money if they don’t plan to use it, nor like it very much.

Starting a new project and working with a client, whom you don’t know very well, can be problematic, too.

Learning how to match and align with their style, not yours in business development is what makes you better and more valuable. One size does not fit all. Keep at it. Time and the right kind of communication can make all the difference. You aren’t making friends with them, nor are you welcoming them into your family, but you do need to spend the time to get to know them. When you do, may it be a long and prosperous relationship for both parties. You may even become friendly, which is a bonus.

~ Cheers! Dawn aka Hat Girl

What would you want?

What would you want?

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