The Secret Is…

The secret is, there is no secret. It is out in the open, at least in small circles of confidence.

Which, I am about to blow wide open.

Spoiler alert, this probably won’t come to be a surprise or a shock and I don’t think most friends in my circles will deny that they enjoy eating things that are bad for them. Nor, that they will deny liking to eat them in January when we are supposed to be detoxing from holidays and everything indulgent.

  • Given a choice of steamed broccoli or say, bacon – most choose the bacon.
  • Given a choice of carrot sticks and for example, Doritos – most choose Doritos. (Even though they turn your fingers a bizarre shade of unnatural orange…kind of like Cheetos and Flavor Blasted Goldfish are wont to do as well.) I mean, at least every once in a while anyway…the carrots might win sometimes.
  • Given a choice of Swedish Fish or Salmon…well, I think that one may be a 50/50 depending on your preference for salmon (over other types of fish) and whether or not you like chewy, sweet candy.

It is January and we are supposed to be good to ourselves, plus we are full grown adults, who know better… but, the secret is that we would probably rather eat a cheesy, buttered biscuit with bacon on top than…just about anything that is better for us. In particular, perhaps more than a bowl of quinoa, with spinach which is probably what we should be eating today.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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