Lingering Later

When the time passes by so quickly that you didn’t realize you were lingering later than your normal bedtime (and the kids) it was a good night.

When the winter chill has you indoors, the setting sun doesn’t give you a hint of the passing time.  Even after the winter solstice, it is dark early. It started out as night time…just barely.

Spending time catching up with good friends, with an abundance of amazing food and chatting for hours is the best way to spend the weekend.

We laughed until we could barely breathe. We ate more food than we would normally consume, not to mention the desserts. Plural.

We talked of work, of school, of children…and parents. We talked of dreams and hopes.

Better yet, we made plans to do it again, sooner than later to connect and spend a day out together, over lunch and spa-time which we all agreed will be much needed after the beginning of our winter so far. A bonus – time together – the best kind of gift to be able to give and receive. Christmas gifts that give again and again and again.

Weekends, with or without friends, are meant for lingering later, over a second, or third cup of coffee, brunch and whatever you would like to read – or talk about; hopefully with the same best friends you have had for decades. Yes, it is far better than the rabbit hole of videos that you find on the internet, the occasional way you spend an hour on a Sunday morning. I would give up YouTube forever if I only had you…unless we watch it together and laugh some more.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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