Women In Black

Last night, (maybe longer ago than that depending on when you are reading this post,) the Golden Globes was dominated by the women in black. It was a night that was memorable for many reasons. More than just…

  • …the standard MC monologue;
  • …announcing nominees and the movies or performance for which they were nominated;
  • …the drawn out roll call of the nominees of best movie, actor and actress – then summarizing them all-at-once with the long-awaited winner proclamation;
  • …music playing to usher off a long-winded winner (they often do better with a script);
  • …a night of celebrating people who get paid an awful lot of money to do what they do; and,
  • …Oprah receiving a Golden Globe honor, similar to the one Sydney Poitier won in 1964.

Her award, while different, was probably more of a statement than the one he won, but besides that, the night was so much more than all of that. More than the hashtag #MeToo and more than #TimesUp.

The MC, this year, Seth Meyers was quite adept I thought at calling out the two people who have been brought to light as the worst of the worst (Harvey Weinstein and Kevin Spacey) recently.

Seth, like anyone who could have hosted was in a tough spot.  Can any joke about these two men be funny? How far do you go? How much can you say in a room that appears to be completely united, but based on the news releases that keep coming out, obviously has not been “as united” in the past.

Some still think “it is what it is” and that the dialogue is just wasting time, but this nonsense has gone on for far too long.

The idea of the attire was not lost on me. It had nothing to do with choosing the color that looks good on pretty much anyone. Yet, here we are, in 2018 and honestly, there is no reason for there to be so many women in black. They are not wearing black in an act of mourning; they are celebrating the uniting of an industry and fighting back against an industry that they can’t leave; an industry like so many others that have long allowed horrible behavior to continue. I take it back, maybe, they are in mourning…but somewhere, there is a window with a view. The view shows that there is endless potential and there, you can wear whatever color you want, choose black if you want and honestly, you will probably look amazing.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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