The Rain Or Shine

The rain or shine event is a tough call.

Pay your exhibit fee, plan the day, schedule the staff, book the travel – then if it rains, you don’t lose out. But, you do.

If it rains.

However, if you don’t go, you lose everything (mentioned above) plus the option to meet some clients who respect you for being there, even – or especially – in the pouring rain.

The event management and planning organization, also has a tough decision.

  • Can they change the date?
  • Do they have the advertising funding to talk about it twice?
  • Do they have a rental contingency?
  • When will they have to make the call, if it rains to reschedule everything?

If the sun comes out, that is good, but worse if you cancelled.

Making the rain or shine event a success has to do with the benefits received from showing up, as an attendee, even in the rain. Maybe that is more attention, more description of the product and services. Maybe even be given extra care and concern. If the exhibitors are sunnier, happier and more thankful – appreciative of those who showed up, you know they will make the most of the littlest bit – today and all the days when you hire them for their services. Rainy events are probably the best time to meet a new company…if you like them in the rain, you will love them all the other days.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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