Rain Boots or Flip Flops

It is more of a matter of preference than a rule, but today the weather should have dictated whether you should wear rain boots or flip flops.

  • cold and wet – rain boots
  • wet but warm  – flip flops
  • muddy and chilly – rain boots
  • chilly but sandy – flip flips
  • more than an inch of rain – rain boots
  • an inch of rain or less – flip flops

You can protect your feet wearing either, but rain boots or flip flops have a very specific season and never the two should meet…except, apparently for some people today. I know summer isn’t over yet, but 55 degrees and giant, ankle deep puddles turn my preference away from the easy slip-on summer shoe that will just flip water up your pants and keep you cold and damp all day long. Rain boots are just as easy to wear… you can keep your toes cozy and dry without a single sacrificial moment of comfort; plus those polka dots are just too, darn, cute to let you be sad on a rainy Monday.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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