Grey Skies Still

It is a short, post summer season visit to the beach with grey skies; still, it is a four-day holiday weekend and we are happy to be here, finding time to celebrate.

We didn’t know if this would work, but keeping an open mind and knowing that sometimes, life changes allowing you to enjoy the day away.

If it was a full week of rain at the beach, on the only summer vacation scheduled…we’d still make it work. Spend time with family, make a special dinner, go out for ice cream, play games, watch movies, laugh, eat again…and again. 

It’s totally worth it.

The beach may have grey skies, still it’s our happy place – warm inside, filled with love you have after sharing 60 years together. Plus, I’m looking at the weather cam at home, and it’s raining and grey there, too. If it’s still that way tomorrow, we’ll make it work – I am not worried. 

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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