The New Traditions

What do you like better? The new traditions or the old ones?

We are constantly being asked to do new things and to try something different, modern, social…or, to do nothing at all – in stark contrast to the normal plan.

How do you decide?

What about when it isn’t your option…

Kids grow up, they make new friends, they get married, they join another family and then have their own babies.

It happens. All the time.

I remember the days of traveling from home, to my in-laws and then to my parents – all in one day – eating two Thanksgiving dinners and having extra desserts. It was too much, but at the same time, not enough for either family.

We tried our best. We had fun. We made it work. We ate a lot of pie.

As the family continues the expansion, it isn’t easy to make adjustments and to adapt…but we must.

There is often just enough time for a few things and adding more options to the list means that you have to do some emotional “spring cleaning” – giving away the old in favor of the new traditions. Maybe the long road trips are what must go, but it is difficult to be the one to disappoint. So, in lieu of that, try doing something old and something new. You might like the change – but, if you don’t; just try to have fun anyway.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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