One More Bite

In the attempt to keep from meeting the expectations of a 3000 calorie Thanksgiving dinner we will just allow one more bite

  • of pumpkin pie, and
  • of stuffing, and
  • of turkey, and
  • of broccoli casserole (souffle?), and
  • of coconut custard pie, and
  • of glazed ginger carrots, and
  • of mashed potatoes – and, well, that was the problem in the end.

It is that moment when you think (and act) taking one more bite that puts you far over the edge. Happy Thanksgiving to all – may you be overstuffed and satisfied after weeks, days, and hours of anticipation.  Now, you can relax and hang out with family, friends, the kids and your parents to ease into the rest of the long weekend.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl


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