The Life You Live

The life you live is not a soap opera…but it can have drama, laughter, tears and arguments.

Also, it is entirely yours. 

Even the parts you share, which may be many and frequent…it is your own life. Your experiences could never be fully understood – empathized with yes, shared with common ground, of course – but not 100% known exactly as you have lived it. 

Not even twins could say this is true, although growing up as a twin might give you the closest view of this experience we call life, it would still be different.

If you were to go back in time and try to live the life you live today…it would never work. It couldn’t work. In comparison to even ten years ago, too many things have changed. While many of us will never fully understand the past – or how the present has changed around us – we must keep an open mind. We must talk, listen, learn. We must try to laugh, love and live the way we want and deserve to live.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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