Thank You For Your Service

Thank you for your service…it, well – it sounds like it isn’t nearly enough.

Thank you – of course – but there is really so much more to say than just that.

You have to say it all together.

3 decades, 30 years, 360 months, 1,560 weeks, and 10,950 days. (Plus a few months, weeks and days.)

Sound like an awful lot, right?

Then, I believe that the time spent is nothing compared to the amount of stress, strength and stamina that the service men and women of our country have suffered for the United States people, our country and countless other countries, too.

It takes 1 strong individual. Coming together with 1 more and another and another…to make an individual effort into a team effort.

Today we celebrated one amazing individual. Someone I have known for a short period of time longer than he was in the US Army. I am so proud to have known him and to have celebrated his accomplishment.

When they say “Army Strong”, they are not kidding.

All of the things he and his fellow they have endured. Well beyond the push ups and training that you see in the movies; well beyond the sleepless nights and bleary eyes that you wouldn’t be able to imagine; well beyond stepping into harms way and rescuing people who needed help.

Add on to it all what their spouses and their children do as well.

They give up weekends, months, years…to let us feel safer in our own homes. To know that someone is out there watching over us and fighting for freedom, to let us keep ours and help others achieve it, too.

Yes, we say thank you for your service and we have to thank you for everything else you’ve done…thank you for coming home in one piece; and, thank you for being able to walk away – earning one last salute.

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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