Testing and More Testing

This is not a test. There are ways to make things fun, testing and more testing is not one of them.

Right now, I am playing around with different things. Some are working better than others.

  • Meals being delivered (uncooked.)
  • Groceries shipped to our door (non-perishable.)
  • Monthly subscriptions to a variety of things (apparel, books, activities related to Maker,  STEM and Art.)
  • Getting the recycling out to the curb before dark and/or rain (thank you to the child who helps all the time.)
  • Running down new vendors and seeing if they will delivery results before I suggest them to clients (mixed success.)
  • A or B messages (I like A and B, but they like B. We should just start with B and then it would be better…)

Who says that the testing season is in the spring, right now I feel like all I am doing is testing and more testing to be prepared for 2017 and the spring time. We could have done this earlier in the year, but we were kind of busy…and besides. It was summer. Who wants to go through tests over the summer?

~ Dawn aka Hat Girl

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